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Keeping it Real

guerillapublishing is a UK based small press.

As you can tell we are NOT web designers - ( Apologies for the basic look.)

We are a small group of people dedicated to small press publishing
and have links to UK and US small press'. guerillapublishing was set up after the initial success
of our first FanZine and we now produce a second 'Zine with a third being discussed.

We currently publish:

(Click on banner to link to "Sins" site.)

A bi-monthly Goth/Horror Zine that takes a
Deliciously Deranged look into the Darkness of the soul.


(Click on banner to link to "Eridani" site.)

For The Truly Alternative Community.
A quarterly 'Zine incorporating all aspects of Pagan, New Age and good old fashioned Hippy thinking.

Mail order/ distribution info:

SINS OF THE FLESH costs 2-50 (INCL P&P) and is available on Subscription for just 12 (P&P FREE) for 6 issues.

ERIDANI is just 1-50(P&P FREE)a subscription to Eridani costs just 6 for 4issues. (P&P FREE)

Both 'Zines are available mail order via guerillapublishing 16- Stratford Street -Leeds - LS11 6JP UK

Email us at:

guerillapublishing 'Zines Reviewed.


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